[Vidéo] Ocean Wisdom : "Blessed" feat. Dizzee Rascal

Bon. S'il y a bien une chose qui impose le respect, c'est la capacité d'écriture dont peuvent faire preuve certains rappeurs. Et leur taux de productivité en la matière. Une nouvelle fois encore, c'est d'Ocean Wisdom dont on va parler pour la bonne et simple raison que le britannique a présenté le 11 octobre 2019 un nouvel album baptisé Big Talk, Vol. 1.

Ce nouveau recueil est sorti un an et demi seulement après Wizville, le précédent effort dont on avait déjà parlé ici. Au menu, pas moins de vingt-sept titres (dont certains interludes, il est vrai) pour un total de presque une heure et vingt minutes en boîte ! Un véritable pavé qui, en plus, comporte un certain nombre de collaborations (prestigieuses) comme ce "Blessed" avec Dizzee Rascal (qu'on trouvait déjà sur le précédent album avec "Revvin") ou encore "Fatboy" avec... Fatboy Slim ! Autant dire que si cela fait à peine cinq ans qu'Ocean Wisdom est dans le game, son ascension fulgurante et la masse de travail abattue sont tout simplement impressionnantes, sans parler de son flow improbable. Il paraîtrait qu'on appelle ça le talent. Et comme ce nouveau recueil semble être un "premier volume", il risque d'y en avoir encore derrière. On n'a donc pas fini d'entendre le rappeur de Camden Town né en 1993 et de profiter de ses vidéos qui accompagnent toujours ses nouvelles sorties. Du lourd, on vous dit !

[Dizzee Rascal]
Live long and prosper, Star Trek / I'm a star and I ain't been parred yet
Try par and see how far you get / I'll be at your neck in just a sec
I'll be at your neck it's not a threat / I don't pet, I get me some respect
On the net lookin' out for a buy to let / Big yard in a country where I slept
I mean where I sleep / Got a pretty peng ting in my own suite
She's so sweet and I'm on heat / I try keep it neat and be discreet
Big feet and it's making it hard to creep and I'm in too deep it's hard to cheat
Got spars from the street, but we hardly speak

Still I hardly weep, I won't accept defeat, I'm hard to beat
I pattern up the beat, it's got an easy vibe, I want an easy ride
As long as I can provide for the fam, I'm 'live and I reside where the hell I decide
I've decided I'm the biggest baddest thing alive number Johnny 5, the prototype
I'm photogenic even in the night, with a lack of light
You see me shining / I ain't outta sight, I ain't got a hyping
And you ain't gotta like it I'm so excited, I ain't gotta fight it, second sight
I might be a psychic, second-sight, I might reignite it
Get what you deserve, you invite it
Swerving through the dirt, clocking mileage, looking stylish, I ain't got a stylist
And my vibe is violent, Likkle man be silent / You're a fly in the eyes of a giant
I been flying high so long, I'm tired / I ain't tired enough to retire
But I'm tired of preaching to the choir / I got what you require
You deny you're a liar, liar / Set fire to your attire
I supply, you're a buyer, prior / I was the guy on the flyer
I ain't letting it fly, you're a trier / Try test me and I'll get the UMP, yeah I'm the umpire
Caution when you inquire / Right or wrong, I fight for what I desire
Call me Rascal or call me Sire / Why ? 'Cause I rule the Shire and I'm...

...Blessed, Work rest and invest / Got it sussed I don't guess
Spoke to God and he told me that I'm blessed
Be a boss and be the best / Better say it with your chest
I don't stress I just finesse and yes I'm blessed

[Ocean Wisdom]
Blessin' blockin' up the road / See 'em droppin' like it's snow, mm hmm
Erratic chillin' at my home / It was rainy on the roads, mm hmm
Indecisive with your flow / Will I skip or will I won't, mm hmm
You will or won't I bet you choke / You ain't blessed you on the ropes (wait, wait)
Niggas knowing that I will overcompensate with thrill, I just kill 'em prolifically
Too many mandem are moving fernickety / Rickety with it they dissin' my trickery
Intricate lyrics on top of the imagery / Me and my money are working in synergy
Cinematography all in my video / Look at the influence look at the mini-me's
Oi look at them bark up / Man saw the pussy when the pussy just park up
Manna got the matic in the attic he a hard nut
Calibrate the badness now a brudda feelin' charged up
Been around the world and never seen a brudda start up
Seen a brudda panic from the jabbin' to the
Heart, gut, chest, leg, back
Sitting where he sat I bet he wish he had armour
But, but you know that's irrelevant
I'm lookin' at a nigga like he suffering impediments
A brudda couldn't figure out how da Wizzy do it elegant
A brudda with da vigour tryna cover unintelligence
A man there with a matic kinda looking like he tepid
'Cause a brother caught him slippin' send him to the paramedic
And a brudda with the heart and soul of an elephant
Quiet and calm made more than the rest of 'em
Made more than dem man dem man run man down with ten man
Dat man done man ducked out lapped man / Now man's balling more than Henman
And they don't pay rent fam / Dat man got more cribs than dem man
Dem man ask man now for a ten pound but it ain't that when dem man beg man
What you know about that fam / Man left the pack by the gaff in the trash can
Man couldn't have a backpack full of that when I'm whippin' a car worth more than a man's flat
Ay, but you know a man met man, came with the dead flow, dead hook, dead pan
Stare man down like dude you a dead man if you try spit
Those at the event fam / You are not...

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