[Vidéo] The One Hundred : "Dark Matters"

En-fin ! Les britanniques de The One Hundred sont enfin de retour en 2017 avec ce "Dark Matters" et le clip qui va avec. Le groupe qui mélange l'Electro, le Métal et le Rapcore pour un truc qui s'apparente à un Néo-Métal bien nerveux avait fait sensation avec son EP Subculture en 2014 et aurait depuis signé chez Spinefarm Records. On espère donc qu'un second effort verra le jour en cette année 2017.

The One Hundred est sans aucun doute l'un des groupes à suivre cette année et mérite d'être allé voir en Live pour l'énergie dégagée sur scène. Rappelons que l'EP Subculture est en écoute intégrale sur Youtube et qu'il est encore temps d'aller y jeter une oreille.

You will never be your memory You’re just a puppet of fate We've inherited genetics through the vessel of hate We’re tormented by the past, we're choking and corroding with it Our hearts are filled with doubt, the lashing's going down(?) We act as our revenge for the damaged and deranged People have to find a place because their minds are filled with rage What do you cherish the most? What is there left to say? So stay where you belong, deep inside my memory. The world brings a fate, a chapter for men(?) My soul is corrupted by vengeance (The arrow has left the bow) The legend shall speak, speaking in tongues Salvation has broken my conscience So don’t face your fear alone 'Cos dark matters It’s the source of life, my energy Dark matters It’s okay to tell us what you think You're wrong 'cos dark matters To escape the faith of humanity Dark matters We’ll forgive our sins 'cos I never tried ('Cos I never really try) (You know I never really try) So come on I guess I would have known I know when falling from the sky You wouldn’t need to question why You choose the path that’s right I pity you Cos you won't risk the rebirth Your heart is tucked away So you don’t know your own worth Remnants of the harbinger, creators of the dark The projects of this new life are the consequence of us Trying to fight it more than lies(?) Fight the crimes of mankind Cos Babylon’s just a union that never fixed the bind (Don’t fear the moon in shadows) (Don’t fear the moon in shadows) Don’t fear the moon in shadows It means there must be light(?) It shines so unexpected, connects us to one's sky Detach the strings that hold you Don’t fear the dark inside Hey never trust our hate but(?) That’s for you to decide (To decide)

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