[Vidéo] Frog & Beef : "Facedown" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Qui n'a jamais dit à ses potes "Bon, OK, mais juste un verre alors !" et s'est finalement retrouvé avec une gueule de bois à faire pâlir Pinocchio le lendemain ? Le sujet a maintes fois été abordé mais c'est toujours marrant de voir comment chacun peut en parler.

Cette fois, c'est Frog & Beef - le duo composé par MC Balance et DJ Swapp - qui s'y colle (pour Krispy Records). Avec un flow et un son qui fracassent, les deux compères balancent un Hip-Hop aux influences jazzy qui fait tout de suite mouche. Un clip et un thème qui ne sont pas sans rappeler "Prohibition 2" de Smokey Joe & The Kid avec Yoshi Di Original. Fun et alcoolisé ! Et si vous voulez une dose ou deux de plus de Frog & Beef, vous pouvez aller jeter un œil au clip de "I Got Options" et une oreille sur l'EP C.V. en écoute intégrale sur Youtube.

"Facedown", second morceau, à 3min.07sec. 
I woke up in a pile of sweat, at half past death, 
trying to figure out where my mind might of been last left, 
I mean left last, now I'm left asking myself 
how much must of drank to give my belly stretch marks, 
I'm in debt past the mark that I can afford to pay, 
to the barman who poured me shots until I gave short display 
of self fellatio, kicked out of the bar then I was chasing hoes, 
but not to pay to bone, only to ask which way to go to make it home, 
I was slapped repeatedly while she was screaming 
"please somebody stop this", 
it didn't help being dressed only in boxers 
because the rest of my clothes were covered in 
vodka, vomit and dog piss, 
She took her heels off and beat me over the head, 
I said "I only came over to check if you know this address", 
she said "oh, that's the road on the left", 
then she followed me home and let me blow a load on her chest,

I only came out tonight to have a couple pints, 
smoke a Marlboro light and joke about my shitty life, 
I didn't know I'd be facedown on the concrete, 
spaced out like a zombie, from 50 vodka limes,
I only came out tonight to hit a couple spliffs, 
watch a documentary about some prehistoric shit, 
I didn't know I'd be facedown on the sofa, 
brain out of a motor, I pray now to be sober

I started my night, by sparking a spliff for just a few hits, 
watching Kung-fu flics with a mate or two and a few chicks, 
soon after passing zoots around and down a few ounces, 
I was staring at my fridge for two hours, 
I was too lit to choose shit, 
baba ganoush dip with a few chips, lead to fries and barbecue ribs, 
this continued until my fridge was food-less, 
how the fuck did I grow man boobs from one night on a food binge, 
tongue-tied when I was asked to twist another spliff to pass, 
cause I was past the point of lifted 
I was drifting past the stratosphere, 
I grabbed a bag of hash and added xan's to counteract my fear 
of being captive here, 
in this high state my mind frame is quite strange, 
I try not to step on the mines that my mind laid, 
terrified by my mind's caves, shit I'm bugging out, 
lying facedown on the sofa, I pray now to be sober

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