[Vidéo] Fensta : "School Dropout" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Rage Against The Machine, Travis Barker, Public Enemy ou encore 21 Pilots font partie des références assumées du trio Hip-Hop/Rock suisse Fensta. Et ce n'est pas pour déplaire à nos petites oreilles !

Des ingrédients musicaux simples et efficaces pour une musique qui fait mouche dès les premières secondes pour tous les fans des groupes cités plus haut. Fensta a déjà balancé une vidéo pour le titre "The Party Is Ending" et promet un premier album baptisé Apocalipstick pour 2017 chez Cold Smoke Records. Affaire à suivre, donc.

Once upon a time only 12 years old
A boy dropped outta school in tears to help his family 
Workin' hard and even harder
Feelin' home sick in his own country
He had nobody, but himself to teach him the knowledge
He'd need to master experienced poverty
And felt like the world was runnin'
To it's own disaster fighting, debating
Your ever favorite White House resident
Was born in the USA with the pride in his DNA
1860 becomes the 16th President

Special, Original
Don't ever let nobody shut your mouth or kill your thoughts
Real Life, Self taught
The power is yours to call the shots
School drop out, never going back

Never ever

Sitting on a bench, starring at the window
Trynna get the meaning out of what they seam to know 
You wonder what you're here for
Where's the truth behind your teacher's show
Is there some else to answer all your questions
Could someone help you to discover 
Who you're meant to be 
There's no short cut when it comes to life
No blue pill opening your eyes on reality
It takes will and courage 
To liberate yourself from your own slavery
Fight for your ideas
Become the Lincoln of whatever you claim to be !

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