[Vidéo] Ocean Grove : "Intimate Alien" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Ce qu'il y a de bien avec l'Australie, c'est qu'il y flotte comme un air d'auto-dérision dans la musique Métal et tous ses sous-genres. Ocean Grove s'est déjà fait remarquer avec deux EPs et des vidéos bien barrées comme leurs compères de chez Twelve Foot Ninja savent aussi le faire.

Cette fois, la bande originaire de Melbourne nous parle de musique et en profite pour faire référence à son rhapsody manifesto qui sera sans doute le sujet principal de son premier album The Rhapsody Tapes qui sortira le 3 février 2017 via UNFD Records. Et ça promet du lourd !

Slumped into the couch now. / Tell me what am I to do? I don't know a thing, man. / I think my brain is made of glue. Working on my patience by humming some sweet show tune. A lucid vacation is something I hoped I'd find in you. Take my hand and please help me understand. We'll take a futuristic journey through a digital land. And if I can't explain the doctrines, leave our differences forgotten. There will be much for us to discuss. Now you're looking at the guy with the ice cold stare. I see you looking at me with the ice cold stare. Was it curiosity that brought you here? We haven't changed that much in a thousand years. I see you looking at me with the ice cold stare. Opposing machines placed up in the air. Revolting kids you know are vanishing and hiding scared. Dead slow movement makes clarity that much more scarce. Have you heard about the machines floating up in the air ? WHAT AM I ? Another break in the program. WHAT AM I ? A mental blueprint, your mind map ? WHAT AM I ? A fragile structure to collapse. WHAT AM I ? Transcendent visual for all to enhance. [Refrain] And so I peel off the walls around me, saying softly "I know what's above me" [Refrain]
To discuss... To discuss !

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