[Vidéo] Hacktivist : "No Way Back" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Les anglais d'Hacktivist sont de retour avec une nouvelle vidéo pour le titre "No Way Back" extrait de l'album Outside The Box sorti en 2016 chez UNFD. Sans doute l'un des morceaux les plus remarquables de ce premier effort où le groupe mélange le Rap et le Djent avec une recette bien à lui et où le cocktail des voix de Ben Marvin, J. Hurley et Timfy James est des plus efficaces. Une petite tuerie !

Le clip est basé sur un concept de réalité virtuelle qui n'est pas sans rappeler le clip de The Algorithm pour "Userspace" sorti plus tôt dans l'année.

There’s no way back

Our days are numbered
Thought that it was gonna be plain sailing but it’s all rain and thunder
So we strike like lightning settling scores
As we rape this world for consumption
Another country’s family’s dying through hunger
It don’t make no sense that’s why we gotta push back not just sit on the fence
Infected by a scene gotta stay focused as we get hit with waves from the ocean
A lot of weight on our shoulders
Britain is broken
Another generation is evolving while the opposition are still controlling
More money more problems no-one’s solving and the ozone’s still got a hole in
There’s not much longer to live
Turn around look what you did
You created a demon
Watch this unfold
With every breath days become old

We can see things change but it’s mainly the climate
Yeah we know most wouldn’t bat an eyelid
The future is dying
The pressure is rising
Hate is spreading like a virus
The end is near but the past is behind us
We’re breaking the silence
Get behind us as the coastline decreases on this concrete island
We’re against everything you believe in
We’re just spitting the truth we’re not preaching
You wanna tell me how the fuck it ever came to this?
We gotta rise up let a better world exist
The outcome’ll always cause a twist
We bite the hand that feeds us shit
So is there gonna be a way back?
Let’s counteract the attack

I will wait for you to look me in the eye
Feed me your bullshit
Feed me your lies
Yeah the view’s so sick from the top
You just can’t get enough
When you’re flying this high
There’s a higher drop
Torn from the sky
There’s no way back up
There’s no way back

There’s not much longer to live
Turn around look what you did
You created a demon
Watch this unfold
With every breathe days become old

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