[Vidéo] Wasaru : "Blurred Foam" feat. B.Written, Slawth, 211 Joe & Cory Bugz (Paroles / Lyrics)

La question se doit d'être posée : faut-il vraiment toujours de belles filles, jeunes et dénudées, et des grosses voitures pour faire la réussite d'un clip de Rap ou Hip-Hop ? Wasaru a décidé de faire l'inverse et met les anciens, retraités, seniors et personnages âgées à l'honneur dans son dernier clip pour "Blurred Foam", premier morceau (si on ne compte pas l'intro) sur la tracklist de son album Sadtimes sorti au mois de mars 2016.

L'album Sadtimes est d'ailleurs en téléchargement libre via BandCamp. Si vous n'avez pas encore jeté un oeil aux autres vidéos de cet album, allez regarder les clips pour "Sociophobe Within" et "All Across The Sun". Sur "Blurred Foam", ce sont pas moins de quatre MCs qui sont mis à contribution avec B.Written, Slawth, 211 Joe et Cory Bugz.

I bet you never thought of this 
Bwritten got the mothafuckin’ “IT” factor 
You can find me balling out like the Raptor 
Or working down at Best Buy making HSAC backwards 
And no shame where I work at cause in a year 
when these student loans appear I'll reverse that 
Now while ya home saying luck 
I’m out here for a ride yea tailgating trucks 
When I’m aiming for the bucks I ain’t waiting for a creature 
But still won’t make a sound like the class 
when they first meet the teacher 
Straight silent scrap I make quiet facts 
If they live watch me hyphen that Its eastside. 

Beer belly Get the cheddar 
Never bills stacked high 
Lurking through the void ill-advised 
Hills have eyes Chef Slawth from the top 
Let me show'em how the cream's made 
Hit the sack early Till they're chirpin' for my dreams sake 
I arrived in my sun-soaked gillie 
Suited for the winter My dinner is rap-beef chili 
Will they learn? 
Or continue to feed the bottomless pit of dead rappers 
And fading back to anonymous? 
Kids assemble to be heard from the cheap seats 
East bound, bring your feelings in a bucket to be kicked 
Riverside, until every single leech feeds 
And your soul will be freed to be hunted in the mist 
Here it is. 

I've been called in for duty, ain't playing games no call of duty 
I'm the shit you can call it doody. You smell me? 
But hold up, let me switch it up you can say 
I'm sick as fuck when 
I'm spitting up tap out go ahead and give it up 
This is chess not checkers 
I'm calling check mate call and check on my mate 
our date at checkers at eight. Wai 
Off topic you should know I'm the top pic bald headed eagle 
soaring way above the ostrich. 
Headed to the top me and wifey in the cockpit drop it 
all that negativity stop it Or else your liable to be a hostage 
so let it go this ain't a threat 
I'm just letting know, It's 211joe. 

[Cory Bugz] 
Left the hood, now I'm coming off deadly, 
Collected myself and my soul is never ending, 
So now I rock this game like a pendant on my necklace 
but gold chains ain't up on my check-list 
Scripting my life, a steady wordsmith 
I've been told many times this craft is worthless 
Many times I left class 
Inserted emotions into my lines, inside of these rhymes 
I find coping, I know this, yeah it takes some work 
Stop telling me what I'm doing 
Yeah, I am my own person, coming up with a movement 
You could see I'm not perfect 
Steady making improvements, I am my endorsements.

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