[Vidéo] Smash Hit Combo : "The Prayer" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Depuis la sortie du double-album L33T de Smash Hit Combo au mois de mai 2017, l'arrivée de textes en anglais dans la musique du groupe fait débat et beaucoup de chroniques ont relevé la qualité de l'album écrit dans la langue de Shakespeare par le MC américain None Like Joshua.

Les français ont toujours tenu à mettre des images sur leurs morceaux et après "RPG", "Spin The Wheel" puis "Blackout", c'est maintenant au tour de "The Prayer" de profiter d'un clip de qualité, sombre, bien scénarisé, et avec un twist en conclusion. "The Prayer" n'est ni plus ni moins que le "morceau miroir" de "Blackout" qui figure sur le disque en français : on peut donc faire la comparaison directe entre les textes et thèmes abordés dans chacun des titres sur une composition musicale qui est sensiblement la même. Certains préféreront s'identifier aux textes en français et d'autres approuveront le flow de NLJ et son approche plus sombre avec ce titre. Les goûts et les couleurs, comme on dit...

She couldn’t recognize a monster / Cause she grew up with one Thinking every guy is her father / with vile words shooting a gun That love’s supposed to hurt mentally physically, what he wants how the hell would she know better / As a means to his fucking outcome All she wanted to was to make him happy / Hoping an angel would form That maybe kindness kills the narcissistic demon throwing her to the floor Afraid of failure Thinking no one is able to help her / But being alone is safer than anger So when I find him I’m making him pay for it all She prays, and prays for His death but no god will come save her She waits, and waits for His death so I answer the prayer I would trace his name like a million times / In a Death Note, I’d kill him with knives Inflict the pain that thrilled his mind make his face look like scribbly lines He should’ve died like Kaneki / But I’ll torture his body, no stopping I don’t give a fuck for hypocrisy / Cause karma ain’t doing the job for me Sure, call me a white knight / You don’t even fucking know what it’s like And if he died tonight I’d be the first suspect In the line-up With these rhymes right? I’d be Dexter, no evidence Make his neck hurt until he begged to quit Cause when she was pregnant He meant to hit yeah that son of a bitch didn’t give a shit She prays, and prays for His death but no god will come save her He’s a poisonous lover. A lost fuck boy demanding a mother. He grew up spoiled, took advantage of others. I was boiling when he was handed custody of her daughter. The fuck is he teaching her? If he did it to mom, then it could be her turn / I won’t wait for long - she don’t need to learn that her father’s wrong - yeah I’ll beat him first Cut his brakes on the highway in the rain at night maybe his brain will go sideways, I’ll scrape it right into the swamps where the gators can bite - leaving no trace of life tell her daughter it was God’s way of smothering a sociopath I don’t want a thank you, be the lover or dad I don’t want her to pray like her mother had or else this song starts all over again Over, over and over again Since God never gave any answer am I god or man ? Who's got a plan, I take Justice in my own ! I'll break his bones and leave him alive for the vultures No god will hear him scream. Unforgivable, now it's up to me

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