[Vidéo] Fire From The Gods : "The Voiceless" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Fire From The Gods, ou l'exemple parfait du gâchis qui peut être fait d'un groupe par un label... On l'a déjà souligné à la sortie du clip de "Excuse Me" pendant l'été 2016 et nul besoin de redire les mêmes choses.

Le groupe a sorti son premier album Narrative l'an dernier et Rise Records publiera le 19 mai 2017 une version Deluxe de cet album, baptisée Retold, avec deux morceaux bonus et un titre acoustique, dont ce fameux "The Voiceless". Voilà pour l'info.

Well If the pope would put a bullet in his head
World keeps spinning, world keeps spinning
They pressed a button and they left a million dead, the world keeps spinning.
Tell a bunch of lies to silence our fears.
World keeps spinning world keeps spinning
Scream as loud as you want, but no one cares 
The world keeps spinning
Take a look and see it’s not only me
But yet you call us the voiceless
You can’t hear me cuz you’re not listening
Thats why you call us the voiceless

They tear the streets up the youth are out of control the world keeps spinning
Beat them down until they do what they’re told the world keeps spinning 
We won’t be lost in the pages of history
Think we feel nothing but we feel everything
Silence a few but that ain’t defeat 
I didn’t come with one voice, we are millions deep
Choked a brother to death for everyone to see, and filled the headlines up with his criminal history
Distort the facts and sever the communication. Unite or die, my people, nation to nation

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