[Vidéo] Gatherers : "Infinity & Gloom" (Paroles / Lyrics)

C'est suffisamment rare pour continuer de le souligner : il n'y a rien de plus fort qu'un clip musical racontant quelque chose, servant les textes et mettant de côté les musiciens qui font bien trop souvent de la figuration et la promotion de leur image.

Pour "Infinity & Gloom", Gatherers fait les choses simplement mais avec une force rare, notamment grâce à l'acting de Daniella Spatarel, bluffante dans cette vidéo. "Infinity & Gloom" (tout comme "The Floorboards Are Breathing") est extrait du nouvel album de Gatherers, We Are Alive Beyond Repair, qui sortira le 1er juin 2018 via Equal Vision Records.

We fled to the river on our funeral day, naked in our self-defeat. Uprooted all the flowers, we burned the clothes we couldn’t take We threw our bodies to the rocks below and prayed to God But God looked the other way
There’s a pill at the bottom that we swallow every day And our love is an orphanage where the children have no names As I pulled you out from the water, reborn in the mud I died in the bloom of nothing sacred
I opened my arms and painted you and me as crooked shapes.
The final touch ; I ate my heart out ’til my stomach ached Perched on the tip of your tongue yet still I want the taste when you say, “Oh, inevitable doom !”, Such beautiful gloom My infinite you, Our infinite blue.

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