[Vidéo] Wilderness : "Burn" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Il semble plutôt difficile désormais de trouver une place sur la scène Métalcore/Post-Hardcore anglaise tant celle-ci regorge de pointures comme Architects ou encore While She Sleeps, s'il ne fallait citer qu'eux.

C'est pourtant le pari qu'a fait Wilderness, groupe monté par des membres d'autres formations originaires de Cardiff : This Concept et Here Lies The Enemy. Musicalement, le résultat est plutôt intéressant et se rapproche davantage d'un mélange de Being As An Ocean, Casey et Polar (autre groupe anglais) avec une légère touche de Defeater et Every Time I Die. Bref, ça s'écoute avec plaisir et on attend la suite !

Every day starts the same, this feeling of emptiness, Awake from it’s sleep, silence has stopped I surrounded myself with the company of loneliness I started talking to myself, I started craving interaction Waiting for the tiredness to hit me enough that I fall into rest Waiting for solace to return before waking to your absence once again Im not sure if this memory of you is what I remember Or if I’m just trying to create a forest fire from an ember Am I seeing you for the trees ? These roots run dry inside of me There’s a wild fire inside my head / And I can’t stop the flames It's been years since someone mentioned your name, And for that I'll take all of the blame No flowers on your grave to bloom, blossom and fade, To bloom, blossom and fade There’s a wild fire inside my head / And I can’t stop the flames And I burn with all you said / Yet there’s a chill within my bones Take this life away Have I been starring in the mirror for too long ? I don't recognise myself Like repeating a word trying to find meaning I know you had something to ask / Do you think I did enough ? You should have done more / Was my hand ever there for you to hold ? I was drowning before you cared / Do you forgive me ?

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