[Vidéo] Dope D.O.D. (Skits Vicious) : "Nightmares"

Dope D.O.D. n'a jamais autant mérité son appellation "horrorcore" pour désigner son Hip-Hop avec cette vidéo pour le titre "Nightmares".

C'est le premier morceau du collectif hollandais où Skits Vicious évolue seul derrière le micro, s'auto-proclamant grand prêtre des cauchemars dans une vidéo tout aussi dérangeante qu'elle est riche visuellement. Le flow est comme toujours maîtrisé et on reconnaîtra au combo une instru beaucoup moins orientée Dubstep que par le passé, ce qui est franchement agréable à l'oreille !

I got the see no evil steelo...Yet I speak it...And chuba tweak it for ya ear-hole
We lobe licking these women...Kiss em in the neck..Swimming in the linen, What I'm spitting is sex
The one to do it for the heads that know...You ain't with it then I guess that's so...
Show beginners how to stretch that flow...Let it go then...Zone into no mans land...
With a 100 mad nomads in Conan stance
Wicked and with chick's thicker than Pinky...Dipping the last bit...
Swipe through the bag then I'm licking my pinky, looking like a pimp from the 60's
Ya mother might know me as Skits V with Dick deep in her...Deuce Bigalow Male kill a ho quicker
Better check ya room before ya rest that head...Ya never know what's underneath that bed...
Get what I'm saying ?
We pick it up right where we take off...This is what nightmares are made of We double the price when it's payed off...This is what nightmares are made of And now they wanna see the story end...You know I'll always be the one to set a gory trend
They shouldn't worry why I'm winning,
They should worry when...You can tell I'm hella comfy in the skin I'm in
Switch to infrared vision when I skin a man...Cause when I get underneath it...Aint a figure of speech
And I don't cheat or choose a wife
I'm tryna be the first rapper with his own Fela Kuti tribe
So do or die I double dare ya, I don't need a clown suit to scare ya...I might even spare ya...
Who got the grey goose rocking with the grape juice
Who got a bad chick sucking with the braid look
It's the same crook just a little wiser
The bad man, Sad man behind blue eye's a...Super villain chilling with his cape off
Better switch the tape off...
This is what nightmares are made of

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