[Vidéo] Snak The Ripper : "I'm Good" (Paroles / Lyrics)

C'est évident que devenir parent, ça vous change un homme ! C'est justement ce qui est arrivé récemment à Snak The Ripper, le rappeur canadien et sa compagne Jaclyn Gee (elle aussi chanteuse) ayant partagé la naissance de leur fils sur les réseaux sociaux.

L'habit ne fait pas le moine, comme on dit, pourtant beaucoup de rappeurs avouent avoir eu une vie plutôt difficile. Malgré tout, Snak The Ripper semble bien vouloir rappeler qu'il est un "homme bien". Maintenant qu'il est devenu père, il veut soigner son image de gros dur "pour son fils" et aussi vouloir assurer "une meilleure vie à sa famille". Une forme de rédemption qui quoiqu'un peu simpliste reste touchante.

When Im sitting all alone I can I focus the best, always short of breath from the smoke in my chest, came a long way from being broke and depressed, lately life got me feeling hopeful and blessed, Been doing pretty good but it ain't goin to my head, investing in the future I ain't blowing any bread, mother fucker, I ain't even owing any debt, they ain't fucking with me cause they know that I'm a threat, Self made, that means, nobody the boss of me, life's short, make it count, live by that philosophy, I been stacking up and I'm about to buy some property, somewhere far away from here where nobody could bother me, Smoking on this kush got me trapped in a thought, hackin a grot, yo this shit happens a lot, they only want the ripper, they ain't askin for Scott, I could keep it chill or I could snap on the spot, While you sittin there hating I'm devising a plan, if you ain't movin with the tide you gonna die in the sand, took a couple years to realize who I am, I've been studying and this could be my final exam, Man I can't fix the past cause the damage is done, too many sides of me I never planned to become, been desensitized, I been stranded and numb, now I'm just trying to be a better man for my son, If you want to know where I stand, I'm just doing all that I can, to provide a better life for my fam, Man I'm good, If the dramas all your about, ain't nothing honest out of your mouth, you could keep all that for yourself, Cause I'm good, hold me back and I'll break free, with all the strength that it takes me, shits looking up for me lately, I'm good, my shoulders carrying weight, I got so much shit on my plate, but, I ain't losing no faith Yeah Im good Let me break it down this is real as it gets, smoke a little weed how I deal with the stress, I been down and out but now I'm healing I guess, always try to find a way to keep my feelings suppressed, I been at it so long I ain't losing my passion, been dealing with more shit than you can imagine, fuck what they say, I ain't doin what they asking, five in the morning and music is blasting, always keep it honest I ain't talking no lies, right now I'm only focussing on positive vibes, so I turn the fuckin beat up when I hop in the ride, seem like people all around me fucking dropping like flies, yeah you know what we call that? cause and effect, only wanna ya be friend when you deposit a check, you never get it back, once you lost my respect, so I put two middle fingers up calm and collect, cause the show goes on, feelin untouchable cause I grown so strong, getting too comfortable that's where most go wrong, You could left behind if you don't hold on, with your hopes all gone, all the, knowledge I got, might be worthless, so I'm, pulling the shit out when I write these verses, never knew where I was headed kinda like the circus, but now, I'm feeling like my fuckin life has purpose,

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