[Vidéo] Evidence : "Powder Cocaine" feat. Slug & Catero (Paroles / Lyrics)

Il est l'un des membres de Dilated Peoples et a sorti un album solo pas plus tard qu'en janvier 2018 qui répond au nom de Weather Or Not : Evidence a publié une vidéo pour "Powder Cocaine", un titre en collaboration avec Slug et Catero (qui se charge de chanter sur le refrain).

Avec une instru complètement perchée concoctée par Alchemist et une conclusion encore plus perturbante, "Powder Cocaine" s'offre un clip au concept coloré et... rebondissant, le tout filmé par Stephen Vanasco sous la direction de Jason Goldwatch. "Powder Cocaine" est le quatrième single de cet album et les autres clips/morceaux sont disponibles via la page Youtube de Rhymesayers Entertainment.

These voices inside of my mind they will try
To drive me insane
But everything's fine if I try to remain
Like powder cocaine

I be fine like powder cocaine
And that's a hell of a drug, and that's a hell of a saying
They need elephant trunks to get it off of the plate
I wanna better myself, they wanna dwell in the pain
I wanna better my health, no umbrella for rain
And that's a hell of a bug, I wanna live in my dreams
Got an ocean in mind, they wanna settle for streams
I wanna settle for more
I wanna get knocked down so I could settle the score
Better than before as if that was possible
To shake the demons of my mother in the hospital
Drove to a mansion and wrote this shit in front of it
'Cause everybody covets the comfort of us becoming it (rich)
And that's a hell of a drug, I caught a hell of a dream
Caught a hell of a bug, fuck irrelevant things
I've been moving at the speed of my life
Ignorant to the price, I be fine like powder cocaine

I never boarded your plane, but I crossed your border
Got a pocket of nails and we can prop these boards up
I caught a fish this big like I would die for your sins
If it would cure my boredom
I want knowledge of self and also everything else
But the gravity helps, yeah, reality's real
When I finally fell, I told my family
"Well, when a battery dies it goes to battery hell"
Bent, intent, inflict a dent in the cement
Magnificent, brag like Sisyphus
Boast like the host with the most upvotes
I bought a spot in coach but got the bump-up hopes
It goes fine like the spot on my brain
Put my notes in the book, from the top of the chain
You stood over to look like dinner and it's not a complaint
But I'm almost halfway out of the rain (I'm fine)

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