[Vidéo] The Dali Thundering Concept : "Utopia" (feat. Philippe Charny)

Entre le Djent et le Jazz, il n'y a parfois qu'un pas. La preuve une fois de plus avec les français de The Dali Thundering Concept pour cet "Utopia" en collaboration avec Philippe Charny de chez Kadinja, le tout avec un sympathique bridge faisant intervenir un saxophone.

"Utopia" est extrait de l'album concept Savages paru le 13 avril 2018 chez Apathia Records (en écoute intégrale sur BandCamp) et son clip est (une fois de plus) réalisé par Igor Omodei, tout comme celui pour "The Myth Of Happiness". Rappelons que le très violent "Ink" profite lui aussi d'une vidéo.

Eyes rise to the sky, we're terrified / Two sun shine, our paths divide Cherish the vine or the artifact / Witness the gods comeback We scan the climes Look around, Look around and see the ruins of our past glory Have we forgotten ? Have we become this weak ? Will we kneel, accept defeat ? Are we but ghosts of a lost humanity ? Fuck no, Fuck the horn, Fuck the willow Chaos must be reformed We’ve lost a battle but the war’s still on We’ve bit the dust but we shall rise as one We’re walking on a rope, above / Above the void we stand alone We’ve been going backwards this whole time Taking future blows from behind / One day we’ll fall Cut the trunk roots will still grow / Flowers blossom through the snow Now we’re walking on a rope / We can choke it with smoke Life will prevail Utopia must burn / We are the ones that did not ascend Untouched by light, Unburnt by flames / All hail the liver and the snake We’ve been given a second chance, a fresh start A blank page to lay down the words of our new civilization We must claim back our throne at the top of evolution / Join the symbiosis, accept absolution We must bring back the golden age / We are but a link in life’s mighty chain We will not live like beasts / Mankind’s fortune doesn’t grow on trees This utopia is a fucking deceit Why should we take the path of failed men / why should we return to the wolf’s den We need a change of scale Make this world great again, or make it right Build walls, divide the land, or unite.

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