[Vidéo] DVSR : "Slave To The Beat" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Les quatre australiens de DVSR sont de retour et ils sont toujours autant en grogne contre l'industrie musicale !

C'est donc deux années après un premier album éponyme percutant que le quatuor de Rap-Djent australien DVSR fait son retour avec un nouvel EP de sept titres entièrement composé, enregistré et mixé en totale indépendance et avec les moyens mis en oeuvre par chaque membre du groupe. Selon le combo, cet EP présentera quelques "expérimentations" et on est bien curieux d'entendre ça. Réponse avec la sortie de l'EP Therapy le 20 novembre 2017.

Come now, look at the twist in their promise and the way they just lock us in fees, It ain’t about the artist, it’s about the margin of the motherfucking profit seen, (please), (yeah), Stop it, rock it, drop it, Lock us in contracts so they profit, That’s the strategy that they try to encourage Let their business flourish cause “artists are rubbish” above us I can feel the friction fracture their fingers the way they’re devising, Temperature rising as they rub their hands and smile, yo, could you give me the reason to by it ? Creativity a lie, blood sucking leeches with fucking suit and ties, Hunt down a prosperous enterprise and lie, Fuck all them contacts, tell us otherwise So what do want from me? You’ve been bleeding us dry The reason we won’t / The reason we don’t The reason we’re never ever gonna die What more do you want from us? We’re just trying to get by The reason we won’t / The reason we don’t The reason we’re never ever gonna die Just give us a second to breathe You’re bringing us down to the knees Just give us a second to breathe Still a slave to the beat I feel excluded, heavily used it’s brutal lucrative serpent with movements, / What you doing ? Tell me you all the same / Could you prove it ? Yo, who’s this coming through the back door ? Serving the city up with the rap raw, Stuck in the middle, terms and conditions becoming riddles I might sign with the devil (hahahaha) Supply the content and they winning, Laughing over gin and tonic while the artist vomits trying to finish, sick of it. Let me pick apart this rigorous trickery up in this bitch, shit. It’s ugly how they all get rich explicitly making us useless, They’re looting off us now and yo, we’re trying to make movements I see them looking and laughing / Think I’m a rookie with action ? I see them looking and laughing / Break and enter to the label and trash it Just looking to trespass, get my last laugh, for that track stash, I’m ‘bout to tell ‘em words, they ain’t never heard, hit em in every nerve Fuck all that bullshit, for the money and fame you could lose it, Cook up a storm and they cut it like crack and they serve it like who’s this ?

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