[Vidéo] Hollywood Undead : "California Dreaming" (Paroles / Lyrics)

Il paraîtrait qu'en Californie, ils ne dorment pas et qu'à la place, ils rêvent...

Les compères masqués d'Hollywood Undead auraient-ils compris que la direction musicale prise sur l'album Day Of The Dead sorti en 2015 était loin d'être la plus pertinente pour un groupe estampillé "Rap-Métal" ? Car il faut bien admettre que ce "California Dreaming" contraste fortement avec l'opus précédent ! Par contre, on y parle toujours de Los Angeles et bien évidemment de la Californie, comme si l'Ouest américain était une source inépuisable d'inspiration... Le cinquième album V d'Hollywood Undead devrait sortir le 27 octobre 2017.

[J-Dog & Funny Man]
Like a sink hole (Like a sink hole)
Stars are born then fucking ate up in a day slow
What does it show? (What does it show?)
C-c-cut off all the tethers to your lost soul
Think I'm 'bout to die on a dotted line
(Venice Beach, cutting throats on a shoreline)
It ain't a fucking crime, I'm taking back what's mine
(Los Angeles, we on the front line)
Click-click boom, let 'em fall
(Lighting 'em up with the semi-matic auto)
Hear the call, hear the call
Hop in the whip to tip it straight then I'm out though
When I do it like this
With a wiffle ball bat
Surf's up, bitches, and it's like that
Hollywood coming to attack

I'm no shooting star, just a burning heart
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
Running through the dark, broken boulevards
We never sleep in California, we're dreaming
In California, we're dreaming

[Johnny 3 Tears & Funny Man]
I'mma get it now, Armageddon now
Coked out skeletons, come back down
Break them down, gotta break them down
Broke down Ford Light, sing so loud
The greatest story ever told, the greatest five ever known
(Dead men walking) Audition for the big show
It's biblical (It's also cynical)
In the land of make believe the situation's critical
Sink down to the ocean like some artists at our pinnacle
Yeah, I'm just a vision but the wings are fucking literal
As above (so below)
You wanna go to heaven but you sold your soul
Dying young (I'm growing cold)
Cut yourself apart so you don't grow old
We're living in denial (but we're doing it in style)
Out here in California, it's a trial by fire

[Charlie Scene & Danny]
Find the future tension
Hidden in the question
Underneath the dreams I hold?
I can see rejection
In my own reflection
I can feel my dreams grow cold
Dreams grow cold!

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